Yogi Dr. Dushyant | B.A.M.S, I.A.A.N (ITALY)
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Dr. Dushyant Vyasji

B.A.M.S., I.A.A.N. (ITALY)


Mehtod from India his dedication and true devotion towards the mankind he took yoga to foreign lands and conducted. The first yoga international conference at rome italy from 06th of june 14th june 1985.

He was awarded honourly doctorate by international association of ayurvedic & naturopathy I.A.A.N. to prove the strength and the power of yoga yogacharya Dr Dushyantji vyas fondly known as yogiji demonstrated one of the branches of yoga’s shakthkarm & pranayam in this yogiji puts a heavy stone on his chest and lies on a nail board and instructs another man to break the stone with hammer using all this might not only this by using this method he bends the heavy solid iron rods making base of his eyes gullet of the neck and with the help of his teeth and one can’t believe that those iron rods bend like rubber.

Culture & Celebration


Ujjain land of Lord Krishna, The land of the great poet Kavi Kalidas. One of the most holiest land for the Hindus, The land of Lord Shiva’s jyotirlinga and one of the biggest temples of Lord Shiva The Grat Mahakal.
An unusual child Born Yogi Dr. Dushyant Vyas in the year 1957 on the 8 day of the month January in Ujjain. He graduated in science (B.Sc) in 1975 comlited his medical education was bestowed a degree of bachelor of Ayurveda with modern medicine surgery (B.A.M.S.) in the year 1980. He was awarded honoury doctorate by international association of Ayurvedic Naturopathy (I.A.A.N.) Italy. Yogachara Dr. Dushyant Vyas yogi ji. A soft spoken strict diciplinerian bubling with missionary zeal has diversity intrest knowledge, Yogi ji not only deals in Yoga and Ayurveda but is a master of Vastu Shashtra Astrology, Palmistry and Namerology read more……

Rudra Abhishek Pooja

Rudra abhishek Pooja includes Shivling Abhishek with 11 Ingredients and

chanting of 108 names of Lord Shiva.

रुद्राभिषेक पूजा के बाद स्वर्गीय श्री विलासराव देशमुख जी मुख्य मंत्री पद पर पदासीन हुए

Baglamukhi Pooja (Nalkheda)

Bagalamukhi or Bagala is one of the ten

mahavidyas (great wisdom goddesses) in Hinduism.

पांडव ने जब राजपाट खोया , तब श्री कृष्णा ने माँ बगलामुखी की पूजा की सलाह दी ,
जिसका पूजन करके पांडवो ने अपना खोया हुआ वैभव प्राप्त किया

Mangalnath Bhat Pooja

उज्जैन का मंगलनाथ ,मंदिर पूरे भारत में इकलौता मंदिर है जो मंगलदोष निवारण के लिया जाना जाता है